Vive Ultimate Tracker 3+1 Kit

  • VIVE Ultimate Tracker 3+1 Kit

    Full-body tracking made easy. Pair with a headset and two controllers to simultaneously track 6 points in real time — head, hands, waist, and feet. Includes three VIVE Ultimate Trackers and one VIVE Wireless Dongle. 

  • Tracking when and where you want it.

    VIVE Ultimate Tracker employs two wide-FOV cameras and computer vision for instant spatial recognition, keeping virtual and physical movements in sync. Its sleek, balanced design offers optimal functionality and comfort throughout use.

    PC optional, no base stations needed. Just plug a VIVE Wireless Dongle into your headset and enjoy low-latency connectivity. With 6DoF inside-out tracking, maneuvering through even large-scale environments is a breeze.

    Try out new moves in the latest standalone and PC VR games by adding three VIVE Ultimate Trackers and a single VIVE Wireless Dongle to your setup. Or pair 5 VIVE Ultimate Trackers to experience controller-free, full-body tracking.


    VIVE Ultimate Tracker 3+1 Kit Includes

    • 3 VIVE Ultimate Trackers

    • 1 Wireless VIVE Wireless Dongle

    • Cables, and accessories

  • Tracking
    6DoF inside-out tracking
    Wide-FOV tracking cameras x 2
    Dimensions 77 x 58.6 x 27.3 mm
    Weight 94 g
    Battery life
    Up to 7 hours
    Charging time 2.2 hours on average with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
    3.2 hours on average with 5V/1A power supply
    Charging mechanism USB Type-C
    Pogo pins
    Inputs Pogo pins x 6
    USB Type-C port
    Power button
    Connectivity Proprietary 2.4 GHz
    5 GHz Wi-Fi
    Compatible devices Requires VIVE Wireless Dongle to connect to: VIVE XR Elite, VIVE Focus 3 (LBE). (Please refer to disclaimer 7 for Focus 3)
    Support for other standalone and PC VR headsets is planned.

    Compatible content
    Tracking functionality varies by title.
    Supports standalone VR, PC VR, and mixed reality.
    Box Contents

    VIVE Wireless Dongle x1

    • Cable clip x1
    • Extension cable x1
    • Extension cradle x1

    VIVE Ultimate Tracker x3
    1/4"-20 UNC screw-in mount (use is optional) x3
    120 cm USB-C to USB-C cable x3
    Documentation (user guide QR code / safety guide / warranty card)


  • 1. VIVE Ultimate Tracker requires a VIVE Wireless Dongle to connect with compatible devices, which currently include VIVE XR Elite and VIVE Focus 3. VIVE Wireless Dongle and compatible devices sold separately. Each VIVE Wireless Dongle can connect with one to five (1–5) VIVE Ultimate Trackers.

    2. Content compatibility required. Compatible content and devices sold separately. PC VR titles are available on VIVE XR Elite via VIVE Streaming and on VIVE Focus 3 via VIVE Business Streaming. System requirements must be met.

    3. Using the VIVE Ultimate Tracker in extreme environments, such as those with low light or direct sunlight, is not recommended.

    4. Play area size and conditions dependent on VR headset. For safety reasons, the play area should measure at least 3 m x 3 m, and a distance of 1.5 m should be kept from any obstacles.

    5. Battery life is an estimate and varies with use.

    6. For optimal performance, the VR headset paired with VIVE Ultimate Tracker should also be connected to 5 GHz Wi-Fi.

    7. For Focus 3 user, please reach out to VIVE through Where they will whitelist Focus 3 user for the FOTA. Whitelisting around 1 month after launch.