Vive Full Face Tracker for XR Elite

  • VIVE Full Face Tracker
    VIVE Full Facial Tracker brings eye tracking and facial tracking to VIVE XR Elite. It features auto-IPD which automatically adjusts the lens distance for each user.  Easy to install, with an easy-to-clean gasket. And it doesn’t require any cables.

  • Discover the benefits of full-face tracking

    Express yourself naturally 
    Enhance communication with eye and mouth movement for more natural interactions.

    Improve user experiences 
    Measure the duration a user focuses on an object with heat mapping and gaze tracking for improved user experiences with interactive content presentation.

    Make handheld controllers optional
    Implement natural, intuitive gaze-based menu navigation. Eyes can be used to point, select, and zoom without controllers. Create content accessible for individuals with limited mobility.


  • Tracking

    Eye Tracking Specifications

    Gaze data output frequency (binocular) 120 Hz

    Accuracy 5 0.5°~1.1°

    Calibration 5 points

    Data output
    Gaze origin
    Gaze direction
    Pupil position
    Pupil diameter
    Eye openness
    Issue detector

    Face Tracking

    Mono camera @60Hz
    Game engine support
    Full Face Tracker: 80g +/-5g
    Gasket spacer: 4.8g +/-10%
    VR Face Gasket: 32g +/-10%
    Connection mechanism Magnetic attachment, USB Type-C
    Inputs Pogo pins x 6
    USB Type-C port
    Power button
    PC-VR SDK support Support OpenXR and OpenVR SDK, and empowering XR Experiences with VIVE Streaming
    Compatible devices Vive XR Elite Only

    Game engine support

    Unity, Unreal Engine, and Native support

    All-in-one SDK Support


    Support VIVE WAVE and OpenXR SDK
    Box Contents

    • VIVE Full Face Tracker
    • VR Face Gasket
    • Gasket spacer x 2
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Safety Guide
    • Warranty Card
  • 1. The precision of auto-IPD may vary from user to user.

    2. Content compatibility required.

    3. Learn more about eye tracking data privacy.

    4. User performance data collection and usage may vary based on content and be restricted under applicable privacy law.

    5. Within FOV 20°. Eye surgery, eye disease, heavy makeup, and high myopia may affect eye tracking performance.