On-Lap 1101 Sunshade

Avoid a Color Shift Caused by Sunshine

The 1101 monitor proprietary sunshade made from black anti-glare material can reduce the disturbance from sunshine. When you take pictures, it blocks light reflection while watching the 1101 series monitor and maintains the original color contrast.

Fold and Install Easily! Slim for Storage!
Putting the sunshade between the cover and monitor can perfectly fit it on the 1101 series monitor and stop sunshine effectively. A detachable design allows you to put the sunshade in a bag with your 1101 monitor easily.

Dimension: 265mm*187mm*185mm
Weight: 76g
Material: PP(Polypropylene)
Colour: Black
Content: Sunshade x 2, Screw x 2

*We adopt high quality material for the cable. Use Gechic OEM cable for On-Lap monitor to avoid any issue while transmission of the signal.