Vive Mars CamTrack Studio Edition

Virtual production for all, from indie creators to big studios.


HTC VIVE is helping level the field in film making with its first dedicated entry into virtual production — VIVE Mars CamTrack. The cost-effective solution provides accurate camera tracking for live video compositing with a set-up time that only takes minutes.  

VIVE Mars simplifies virtual production — letting content creators focus on what's important, creating.

Expanded Tracking Area: The Studio Edition includes two additional base stations, extending the maximum tracking range to an impressive 10m x 10m. This expansion allows for more dynamic and flexible scene captures, accommodating larger sets and more complex motion patterns.

Multi-Object Tracking: With an additional tracker included in the Studio Edition which allows for the simultaneous tracking of up to three objects, facilitating complex scene compositions with multiple dynamic elements.

Advanced Lens Tracking: Including two FIZtracks, the Studio Edition offers precise control over focus and zoom, essential for capturing cinematic quality visuals.

Wireless Functionality: The Studio Edition supports wireless tracking, enhancing flexibility. This feature is particularly beneficial for tracking cameras or objects in challenging scenarios where cables can restrict movement.

Customized Suitcase for Portability: The Studio Edition comes with a specially designed suitcase, ensuring that your valuable equipment is well-protected and easily transportable between locations.


    • With SteamVR™ Tracking 2.0 technology and VIVE Trackers, HTC VIVE delivers a simple yet accurate camera tracking solution optimized for virtual production.
  • Brief Highlights

    • Plug-and-Play, fast setup, no installation required.
    • One-click to reset origin.
    • Robust wiring to minimize latency.
    • Friendly camera calibration kit.
    • Multi-cam tracking, support up to 3 Rovers.
    • Genlock / timecode (LTC) sync support.
    196 x 134 x 65 mm
    1.4 KG
    Display 7” LCD touch screen
    Unreal Live Link / FreeD
    Encoder Support
    LOLED Indiemark 2
    • BNC for Genlock
    • 3.5mm audio jack for Timecode
    • 3x RJ45 PoE port for Rovers (up to 3 Rovers supported)
  • Dimension
    95 x 65 x 48 mm
    309 g
    VIVE Inside-out Tracking, up to 10x10m play space using four Base Station 2.0. The included two base stations support up to 5m x 5m.
    • USB for VIVE Tracker
    • 3x USB for external lens encoders
  • Channel changing pin (for base station)

    • Mars x 1, FIZTrack x 2, Customized suitcase x1
    • Rover x 3
    • Base station 2.0 x 4
    • VIVE Tracker (3.0) x 3 
    • AC adapter for Mars/ Power Cord for Mars
    • AC adapter for base station* x 2
    • 15-m LAN cable (Mars to Rover) x 3
    • 5-m LAN cable (Mars to router)
    • USB cable (VIVE Tracker (3.0) to Rover) x 3
    • Calibration kit
    • Screw for calibration board
    Documentation (Quick Start Guide / Safety guide)