Vive Focus 3 Eye Tracker

  • Gain a heightened level of VR immersion, foveated rendering, and eye-movement analytics. The user-friendly add-on easily attaches with a magnet and provides IPD adjustment to optimize your eye comfort. This Product is ONLY compatible with Vive Focus 3

  • Eye tracking specs

    Gaze data output frequency (binocular): 120 Hz
    Accuracy:  0.5°~1.1°
    Calibration: 9 points
    Data output:
    • Timestamp
    • Gaze origin
    • Gaze direction
    • Pupil position
    • Pupil diameter
    • Eye openness
    • Issue detector
    Interface: WAVE SDK, OpenXR support for all-in-one VR coming soon.
    SDK engine compatibility: Unity, Unreal