EOZ VR Straps Set (QRB, 1x Belt, 2x Utility V2) for HTC VIVE Ultimate Tracker

The straps that have been in development for 6 months, together with HTC VIVE Team.

We present: The best and most comfortable full body tracking straps, solely designed for the HTC VIVE Ultimate Tracker

- Enhanced Quick-Release-Base (QRB)
- Velcro-less wear-on/take-off
- Designed for Hip/Waist, Wrist and Ankle worn.
- Adjustable buckle and length for Hip/Waist
- Adjustable buckle and length for Wrists and Ankles
- Designed for HTC VIVE Ultimate Trackers.

PLEASE NOTE: The Vive Tracker NOT included.


  • 1 EOZ VR Belt/Hip Strap (QRB)
  • 1 Set EOZ VR Utility Strap V2 (QRB) L&R