Pimax Vision 8K Plus [PRE-ORDER]



  • Tracking technology&sensors

    Customized Low Persistence Liquid(CLPL)
    Display 3840*2160*2
    Refresh rate: 90Hz (max)
    Field of view: 200 degrees
    Lens Structure Freshel * 2
    Screen Dual CLPL (Customized low persistence liquid) Panel
    Mtp 15 ms
    IPD  55mm-75mm
    IO Connector: USB * 1
    DP * 1
    Audio Jack
    Type C * 2
    Micro Phone
    Audio 3.5mm audio jack, integrated microphone
    Body Weight 470g
    Body Size 280.10*108.2*135.90mm
    Body Material Ultra-lightweight rigid plastic
    Button Power Key
    VOL+ Key
    VOL- Key
    Eye Tracking
    Eye Tracking Module (optional)
    Hand Tracking
    Upgrade with Ultraleap Hand Tracking –coming soon
    Controller Room Scale Controller (optional)
    Sensor SteamVR Sensor
  • OS

    Windows 10
    GPU NVIDIA RTX2060 or above
    CPU Intel I5-9400 or above
    Memory 8GB or more
    Video Output USB2.0/3.0, dp1.2

    Pimax Vision 8K Plus x 1
    USB/DP cable*1;
    Power adapter*1;
    Head strap*1;
    cleaning cloth*1;
    User Manual*1