Pico 4 (256GB Edition)

  • Imagination, the Only Limitation

    The new PICO 4 brings a brighter screen and 4K+ resolution, 35% higher than typical 4K. More detailed image is delivered through the 1.200 PPI screen and more vivid and immersive colours thanks to the 100% coverage of the sRGB color space.

    A 90Hz refresh rate and lower latency overcomes the feelings of motion sickness. PICO 4 also gives an improved motion tracking performance delivering a more accurate, low-latency tracking experience.

    Pico 4 System Includes

    • Pico 4 headset
    • 2 Wireless Controllers (L and R)
    • Cables, chargers and accessories
  • Screen Dual 2.56" LCD panels
    Resolution 2160 x 2160 pixels per eye (4320x2160 pixels combined)
    Processor Qualcomm® XR2 w/ 8gb LPDDR4X 2133MHz Ram
    Pico 6DoF Positioning System
    Refresh rate 72-90Hz
    Field of view Up to 105 degrees w/ motorized IPD adjustment of 62-72mm
    Tracking Pico Inside-out Tracking
    Audio Built in Speaker
    Input Dual integrated microphones
    Headset button
    Battery 5300 mAh integrated battery with 20w charging
    Connection 1x USB Type-C port for charging and data.
    Bluetooth 5.2
    Wi-Fi 6
    Ergonomics Lightweight, compact design
    Removable fabric front gasket, rear PU leather cushioning
    Motorized IPD adjustment of 62mm to 72mm
    Easy adjust velcro headstrap with easy-to-use adjustment dial
  • Sensors Broadband Motor, 50~500Hz, can support up to 2.8G vibration
    Input Grip button
    Trigger button
    AB / XY buttons
    System / Menu buttons
    Battery Up to 80 hours of controller battery life on 2AA Batteries

    *All battery claim results will vary. Battery life and charge cycles vary by use