Valve Index Controller (NO WARRANTY/ PRE-ORDER)

Interact with your environment, objects, and people just like you do in the real world. Valve Index® Controllers combine complex sensor inputs to give you smarter hands in VR, unlocking a wide variety of new interactions, experiences, and gestures.

    • Open-hand interactions
    • Long-term comfort
    • Standard gaming inputs
    • Squeeze-ability
    • Track button
  • Inputs A Button, B Button, System Button, Trigger, Thumbstick, Track Button with Force Sensor, Grip Force Sensor, Finger Tracking, IMU
    Ergonomics Adjustable strap with pivot, antimicrobial tech fabric
    Connections USB-C, 2.4GHz Wireless
    Haptics HD LRA
    Battery Life
    7+ hours
    Charging 900mA fast charging, 1100mAh capacity Li-Ion polymer battery
    Tracking SteamVR 2.0 sensors, compatible with SteamVR 1.0 and 2.0 Base Stations
    • 2 Controllers, Left and Right
    • 2 Lanyards
    • 2 USB Charging Cables